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My Visa Friend
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HR Power
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Product Details

Customizable business management software for small, medium and large business supporting multiple branches, companies and unlimited users of different authorization levels. A great solution to run today's business with powerful and robust features. The software drives the business as easy as possible with an exciting user friendly appearance and its business oriented analysis reports. The product has designed specifically to meet the requirement of ever expanding retail market of all business sectors of Middle-East.

1. My Visa friend

The complete solution for managing company and employee related documents. In the present Middle East scenario, handling of these documents are cumbersome and prone to error. Companies usually incur heavy fines for expiries and non-compliances of legal requirements.

2. My Pay Friend

Payroll management is a fundamental business requirement in any organization. This is often a tedious process that requires a high level of timeliness, accuracy and effective financial controls.

3. HR Power

In recent years the roles of HR departments have evolved from employee management to strategic planning and resourcing. A key role in strategic human resources management is played by new generation Human Resource Management Systems.

4. Smart Trade

Smart Trade is a flexible Inventory Management System, specially designed to suit the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME). This highly versatile network comes with a user-friendly interface to help you systematize your organization's sales and purchase transactions, so your business processes can be streamlined and comfortable.

5. Smart Works

Web Enterprise Suite poses a comprehensive solution to completely automate the back office of an enterprise with zero down time. The organizational activities within the system can be streamlined mitigating the risk of errors by reducing manual intervention.

6. Smart Works

In the world of paper based documents the archival, content search and versioning are complex and time consuming especially for Law firms, Auditing and Accounting

7. Safe Drive

Safe Drive is built to meet the specifications of a driving school and serves as a highly efficient and resourceful software application. The system allows you to create and modify information pertaining to company, vehicles, students etc, while maintaining complete control over access. Safe Drive allows you to view and manage schedules and appointments of your entire office, track attendance based on access card, specify time slots and generate various reports with just a couple of clicks. You can also conveniently monitor all your instructors and student activities and schedule suitable class timings in tune with the students' personal preference and the availability of the instructors. You will find Safe Drive to be an easily configurable software application, ideal to help you avoid double-bookings and improve competency.

8. Sales Pro

Many companies lose a significant percentage of their sales leads somewhere in the sales cycle. Mindsoft launched its latest product, SalesPro™ which is the perfect blend of automated sales workflow and fully integrated leads management software. The software is designed for businesses that want to track and control their sales for growth for managing leads to maximize sales. With SalesPro™, one can forget the chance of a lead going stale. SalesPro™ enables the sales team to set appointments, reminders, follow-up notices all within itself.

9. Active Rolls

Time management & Attendance Tracking is a huge part of the human resource problem, and can quickly become a serious issue if the process is not streamlined. Creating schedules alone can be very time consuming task for any manager for attendance tracking.

10. Camplus

CamPlus is designed to meet the various aspects of your clients' food and accommodation needs. This intuitive software encompasses a variety of feature-rich modules to help track the availability of rooms, bookings, the number of occupants and their details, their food preference, check in and out etc. The application also comes with the special swipe card feature that indicates mess allocation. In addition to this, this feature helps schedule clients' meals and meal timings, based on which meal tokens are generated. Camplus is easily customizable to give your superior services, seamlessly incorporating rooms and dining information in tune with the client information defined in the system. Whatever your camp needs may be, you will find Camplus highly efficient in calculations and extremely user- friendly