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Smart Trade

Smart Trade is a flexible Inventory Management System, specially designed to suit the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME). This highly versatile network comes with a user-friendly interface to help you systematize your organization's sales and purchase transactions, so your business processes can be streamlined and comfortable.

Eliminate those hassles involved in handling inventory. This intuitive system goes well beyond the ordinary stock control functions to encompass a number of features that will help you in tracking important information about your organization. With Smart Trade you can efficiently manage purchase and sales transactions like quotations, orders, requests, delivery and all other inventory related information.

You will find Smart Trade to be an advanced trade management software, ideal for taking full control of your invoicing and inventory and meeting your customers' demands, while ensuring your warehouses always have adequate levels of stock. Whether it be registering incoming and outgoing goods and services or generating various kinds of transactional documents, this trading application is guaranteed to improve your business efficiency and reduce lead times in a way that will exceed all expectations.